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Online reputation management is not just about creating a great Google results page for your brand name. Although there is a lot to it, it is very important to observe what people are saying about your company. Since nowadays all the information is flown through the internet, and it has become the most widely used platform for sharing information around the world, if a blog, social networking site or any media outlet is your If you say anything about the company, then you are finally able to find it on the internet.

And you have to know what people are saying about you as soon as possible. Since the information travels so fast in today’s world, you do not have the luxury of waiting until a bad review arrives; You need bad reviews and negative mentions of your company as soon as possible. If you can jump to a problem quickly, then you have to cancel the situation or adjust your reputation management strategy accordingly. That’s why it is extremely important for your company’s future to keep an eye on the web for any mention of your brand (both good and bad), so that you can improve your search ranking and keep your online reputation unblemished. Use that information.

Here Massive Brand online provided few tools you can use as part of your online reputation management strategy to monitor the internet and be alerted to mentions of your company as soon as possible:

Google Alerts: First and foremost, you need to understand and use Google Alerts. Google Alert is a free tool that you can search instantly when new examples of your company’s name appear on the Internet. Primarily, this should be the name of your company or brand. You can then customize your alerts to fit the frequency and amount of information that you want to alert.

Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics: Another way to track mentions of your company name and links to your company website is to use Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Both of these tools are free and allow you to look at your company website in different ways online. First, you can use Google analytics to monitor the traffic to your site. Drill down in the analytics to find out where your site traffic is coming from and use that information to track down links to your site, so you can evaluate the content of the site and incorporate it into your reputation management efforts.

Twitter: Another way to track mentions of your name online is via Twitter. Social media space is rapidly becoming an area for which all the businesses should be closely monitored, which cares about their reputation, and Twitter provides an automated way of finding mention of your company name in the name of your service. Both Through Twitter website and third party applications, you can establish a keyword search that will constantly search for Twitter sphere for your company or brand mention and filter them in a clean list. Unless you are periodically checking the feed, you will remain at the top of any mention of your company name and thank you for help in resolving confusion or misunderstanding or with follow-up questions. Your company will be able to answer.

Massive Brand Online provides inclusive Online Reputation Management services that will help repair, build or protect your brand online. If you are face any type of problem regarding to this topic, then you can reach out with us. We would love to resolve your problem.


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